ConfigSampleSub[] can't be found in ConfigSampleNested


There is a mismatch for saving an array of nested configurations through the Context Aware Configuration Editor and loading them with the ConfigurationBuilder.

The editor stores the array of nested configurations below /conf/contextaware-config-sample/sample/sling:configs/io.wcm.caconfig.sample.config.ConfigSampleNested/sub but the ConfigurationBuilder tries to load them from /conf/contextaware-config-sample/sample/sub/sling:configs/io.wcm.caconfig.sample.config.ConfigSampleNested/jcr:content/sub. Watch the additional jcr:content before the sub node.

I've used the wcm-io-caconfig sample-app to reproduce this issue. One Sling Model has been added to the sample-app core bundle to demonstrate the issue:

The code has been already been added in

The additional sample config + content has been added to the the package:

You can load, after installing the bundle & package on top of the sample-app project, the page http://localhost:4502/content/contextaware-config-sample/en/bug-page.html to reproduce the issue.

The log

shows the wrong nested config location path.

Tested with the following versions installed in AEM 6.3 - SP2:

  • Context-Aware Configuration Editor (io.wcm.caconfig.editor): 1.2.12

  • Context-Aware Configuration Extensions for AEM (io.wcm.caconfig.extensions): 1.2.4

  • Apache Sling Context-Aware Configuration API ( 1.1.0

  • Apache Sling Context-Aware Configuration Implementation ( 1.4.10

  • Apache Sling Context-Aware Configuration SPI ( 1.3.2

  • Core Bundle + bug sample model:

  • Config + sample page package:

  • io.wcm.caconfig.extensions.persistence.impl.PagePersistenceStrategy has been enabled

The nested configuration should be stored & loaded in the same way (editor v.s. caconfig impl), according to the standards


Robin Brouns
April 28, 2018, 6:37 PM

Hi @sseifert, I've just tested it with the latest development build and everything looks fine.
The nested configuration gets stored below the jcr:content node and is loaded without a problem right now.

Thanks for applying the fix.

Stefan Seifert
April 27, 2018, 11:23 PM

this should be fixed in caconfig editor 1.2.13-SNAPSHOT - can you give it a try?

Stefan Seifert
April 25, 2018, 8:00 AM

thanks for the detailed report - i'll have a look at it.



Stefan Seifert


Robin Brouns