Visual indication of configuration inheritance state in overview (was: Make Configuration Copy Optional while creating a CAC Page)


Currently when we create a configuration using the CAC editor template, it by default brings all the configurations from parent level. Some of which are not required sometimes and can be edited by the editor by breaking the inheritance and can cause problems.

Use case:
There are header/footer configurations at the language root level and also a navigation configuration. Now the header/footer config has to remain same across the website but navigation can be different on product page, article detail page, article landing page and rest of the website. By using the CAC editor, we can configure all three of the above mentioned configurations at the language root level and make them inheritable. And for product, article pages, we can break the inheritance for Navigation. But in this case when we create the CAC page, at the product page level for example, by default other two configurations will be shown to the editor which are inherited always and not needed to be shown here.

My idea is to have checkboxes in the Advanced tab while page creation and editor can select the CACs he wants to edit for that particular page and corresponding child pages. And the remaining configs can still work the way they work with inheritance.




Om Pandey