Redirect page properties not usable on page create + layout issue on granite selects


Currently it is not possible to set the redirect URL while creating the redirect page. It would be a helpful enhancement to set "cq:showOnCreate": true on tabs "link" and "redirectStatus". But even if you do that in your project the tabs are not usable, because they do not appear at all or not completely. See the screenshot

I tried to use the exploded version of fields instead of including them, but even then the last drop down (be it window preferences or redirect status) has a height problem. It looks like something in styles is broken


Stefan Seifert
November 20, 2019, 1:50 PM

yes - there is a dialog layout styling problem in the recent AEM versions that affects especially the page create dialog (which is opened always full screen).

if i remember correctly that's why i've not configured the tab to be displayed by default in the redirect page dialog.

this is an AEM product bug, it is reproducible with a standalone dialog and some OOTB Granite UI components as well, unrelated to the dialog snippets provided by it would be could if someone could report this to Adobe via daycare with a small example of the problem.




Masoud Rozati




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