wcm.io Content Package Maven Plugin: Delay package install when bundles are still starting/stopping


etugarev provided a patch to the wcm.io content package plugin:

this patch adds a new (optional) feature to automatically check the current bundle state, and delay the package installation if bundles are still in starting/stopping state e.g. from the previous bundle installation in a batch of packages that where uploaded. thanks for contributing!

this ticket is around finalizing and fine-tuning this feature.


Stefan Seifert
March 4, 2015, 4:29 PM

we are using the current snapshot 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT for a while now, there are some issues left on this enhancement:

  1. with some "heavy" packages (e.g. AEM service pack installation) it make lead to a short period where the AEM instance is not responding at all, currently the build retries some times, and then fails.

  2. if a package contains bundles that are not valid (e.g. a bundle wieth missing dependency that cannot be resolved in OSGi), this blocks effectively all further package deployments with this mode switched on, even if the new package contains a valid OSGi bundle. perhaps after a max. amount of time the package deployment should be done anyway, this time should be configurable as well.

i will look into both issues, we want to make a release soon.

Stefan Seifert
March 4, 2015, 11:19 PM

i refactored the code quite a bit and updated to the latest httpclient 4.4 as well.


for the bundle check the already existing retryCount/retryDelay parameters are now respected as well (per default disabled, enable them via configuration).
i introduced a new parameter "bundleStatusWaitLimit" which allows to configure the max. wait time until the check for bundle status is given up and the package is installed anyway. default value is 6 min.





Stefan Seifert




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