maven-javadoc-plugin fails when using jaxws-maven-plugin


Our maven project has as its parent the aem-global-parent:

which in has as its parent global-parent:

In this you have a maven-javadoc-plugin execution:

In our project I added a jaxws-maven-plugin execution like this:

to generate some proxy classes to access a SOAP WS.

When I did so the maven-javadoc-plugin execution failed with several different errors saying that the javadoc contained some errors (which can be true but we cannot control the generated classes).

To solve it I've followed the suggestions given at:

And added an override maven-javadoc-plugin execution in our project like this:

The difference from the one you provide in your parent pom is the additionalparam that turns off the new DocLint feature in Java8.

My question for you is if you think this additionalparam should be added on your side, if we should keep with described approach or if you have a different suggestion?



Carlos Duque
June 28, 2017, 7:02 AM


Thanks for the reply.

I will adapt my solution to one of the simpler you are suggesting.

Stefan Seifert
June 27, 2017, 4:14 PM

yes, this can happen with auto-generated code.

i still prefer having the more strict java 8 javadocs check enabled by default, because it's useful for java code written by developers.

you can just add this snippet to the plugin section of the pom which contains the generated code:

or this to keep the checks but avoid failing the build when errors are detected:

or you can exclude the packages containing the generated code from javadoc generation:





Carlos Duque