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PRIO 1 General

PRIO 1 Url Handler

  • URL modes e.g. Default. No Hostname, Full URL, Full URL Force Non-Secure, Full URL Force Secure, Full URL Protocol-relative
  • Building and externalizing Sling URLs
  • Distinguish between links to content pages, links to resources, and external links
  • Respect integrator template features - see Integration
  • Support different domain names for different resources - content pages, media assets, static resources - see Web Performance Optimization

PRIO 1 Link Handler

  • Build links to content pages, DAM Assets (Downloads) or external links by using an extensible link type concept
  • Generate Link URLs
  • Generate anchor markups using markup builders
  • Support sling features like selectors, extensions, suffixes
  • Provide pre- and postprocessors for link metadata
  • Support links inside sites, and cross-sites

PRIO 1 Media Handler

  • Support references to DAM assets and renditions including downloads
  • Support pre-generated renditions and dynamic generated renditions (which are cached outside CQ e.g. in dispatcher and/or CDN)
  • Support references to external media as well? e.g. external video assets
  • Support markup builders for generating media markup, e.g. image, responsive images, video
  • Support for pre- and postprocessors for media metadata
  • Support cropping
  • Support pluggable media sources
    • DAM
    • Inline Images in Content Pages
  • Diff view support

PRIO 1 Rich Text Handler

  • Rewriter and cleanup richtext from RTE editor
  • Rewrite link and image references
  • Support custom link dialogs and their metadata
  • Extensible rewriter infrastructure to support project-specific rewriting requirements
  • Diff view support
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