wcm.io is ready for AEM Cloud Service

We are happy to announce that all wcm.io Modules, the Maven Archetype for AEM and our CONGA-based DevOps tooling has now full support for AEM as a Cloud Service and deployment via Adobe Cloud Manager. In this blog post we give an overview over what’s new in the latest releases.

We have also prepared a migration guide if you want to migrate an existing CONGA-bases AEM Project to use AEM Cloud Service.

AEM Dependencies for AEM Cloud Service

Alongside with the aem-dependencies POMs we publish for each major AEM and AEM service pack release we have set up a new POM aem-cloud-dependencies which contains the reference to the AEM SDK API and all other dependencies in this AEM Cloud version that are relevant e.g. for AEM Mocks:

We plan to publish a new aem-cloud-dependencies POM roughly each month to keep track of the changes in AEM cloud service. We will not announce every new release of this POM individually.


Most notable improvements on CONGA and it’s Sling and AEM plugins to support AEM Cloud Service:

  • CONGA has direct support for creating symlinks from CONGA roles. This is required to prepare the ZIP files containing the dispatcher configuration for AEM Cloud Service.

  • It’s now possible to directly use [:repoinit] statements in CONGA provisioning files. CONGA automatically generates a RepoInit OSGi configuration for these statements. With the separation of mutable and immutable content packages repoinit plays an important role e.g. to create system users with their ACLs.

  • For each content package generated with CONGA a package type can be assigned and the package is validated during the CONGA build against the FileVault filter rules (same support as in Apache Jackrabbit FileVault Package Maven Plugin).

  • A new goal in the CONGA AEM Maven Plugin allows to generate combined “all” content packages that contain all content packages to be deployed in AEM Cloud Service. The dependencies between the packages are defined automatically by CONGA based on the file order in the CONGA roles - no need to define them separately. CONGA generates a separate “all” package for Author/Publish instances in each environment, using install folders with the corresponding run modes in the packages.

  • Additionally the CONGA AEM Maven Plugin can generate the ZIP file with the dispatcher configuration for AEM Cloud Service based on the new aem-dispatcher-cloud role in the CONGA AEM Definitions.

CONGA AEM Definitions

A new role aem-dispatcher-cloud was added to CONGA AEM Definitions. This role generates the dispatcher configuration in the exact layout AEM Cloud Service expects. The configuration is quite similar to the aem-dispatcher role which is used for AEM on-premise installation (e.g. with our Ansible tooling). This makes it easy to migrate an existing CONGA-based project to the cloud.

wcm.io Modules

Some small improvements regarding AEM Cloud Service compatibility where made in other wcm.io Modules. Make sure to update to the most recent versions of all of them, they are fully backwards compatible.

Maven Archetype for AEM 3.0.0

The new major version of the wcm.io Maven Archetype for AEM offers full support for AEM Cloud Service by setting the optAemVersionParameter to cloud (default).

It incorporates all best pratices from Adobe, wcm.io and CONGA for AEM projects in the cloud or on-premise.