AEM Page Persistence Strategy: delete configurations if configuration editor is removed


If an author deletes an editor page, the corresponding context-aware configuration is not removed and, therefore, continues to apply to the content branch. This behaviour leads to subtle issues if deleting configurations is a common scenario (i.e. you want to signify temporary settings by it like e.g. maintenance messages).

The workaround is to first remove the context-aware configurations via the UI of the editor page (see ) and afterwards delete the editor page. As this process is error-prone, it would be good to automate it.


Stefan Seifert
October 17, 2018, 6:23 AM

in my opinion it is not a good idea to remove the configuration stored below /conf automatically if the editor page from the content tree is deleted. after all, the editor page is only a view to the configuration below /conf, and the configuration is also fully working if the configuration was placed in other ways there than using the editor page.

if you want such a close coupling if editor page and configuration data consider using the "Tools Config Page" persistence strategy which stores the configuration in the content tree in <relative path>/tools/config pages instead of /conf. in this scenario the configuration data is always removed together with the editor page.

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Stefan Franck