Content Package Maven Plugin: Allow whitelisting(/blacklisting?) of bundles for bundleStatusURL


We are actually using version 1.6.18, but I couldn't select it from the versions list.

I noticed that in InstallMojo, a PackageInstaller is created, that in the end uses PackageManagerHelper to wait for the bundle status to be OK. A good thing, we really appreciate this feature, so we would like to use it.

However, it goes wrong on our local instances, since CRXDE is disabled per the security checklist.

Is there a way to blacklist/whitelist (depends on how you look at it) bundles? Currently we have 2 options:

  • Enable CRXDE;

  • Turn off the bundleStatusURL by specifying `-` as its value.

We would like to have option #3 : Disable CRXDE, leave bundleStatusURL turned on and specify that its the intention that the CRXDE bundle is disabled.

AEM (Sling) already exposes a JMX Bean that could be checked for example, which already takes the whitelisted bundles into account: http://localhost:4502/system/console/jmx/


Stefan Seifert


Henry Kuijpers



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