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Now that Adobe donated the package creation goals of the content-package-maven-plugin to filevault-package-maven-plugin ( I am a bit unsure what advantages I get by building packages with content package maven plugin (). The wiki page at does not really point out the benefits and only lists some additional parametrization for certain goals. I would like to see a little text introduction hightlighting the main advantages of the content package plugin.

In the best case any new features of the package goal would be contributed back to the official filevault-package-maven-plugin and everyone should be encouraged to use that one for building only.
If there are advantages of using the plugin for the actual distribution of the packages, that should IMHO be also mentioned in


Stefan Seifert
November 17, 2017, 11:54 PM

well, at the time of the filevault-package-maven-plugin was not available and we were not aware that the jackrabbit project finally got a contribution for this (which was long overdue).

concerning the building of packages our goal is indeed to provide a migration path to filevault-package-maven-plugin and contribute missing or better features from our plugin there. we've not startet this, but it's on our todo list.

what the content package plugin still makes unique is it's support for uploading and download packages to AEM package manager and composum console. the adobe plugin can upload to adobe package manger as well, but the plugin is much more sophisticated and fault-tolerant for this as it is required to be used for deployment automation (e.g. with CONGA ans Ansible).

we will look into improving the documentation on this and start thinking about the migration path to filevault-package-maven-plugin in the next few weeks.

Stefan Seifert
November 28, 2017, 4:43 AM

done - documentation is updated:

additionally i've deprecated the "package" goal of the content package maven plugin and published a migration guide to filevault-package-maven-plugin:

for the delta that the filevault-package-maven-plugin does not support yet i've opened issues at jackrabbit and hope they will be accepted:

  • JCRVLT-239 Package Maven Plugin: Add "acHandling" property

  • JCRVLT-240 Package Maven Plugin: Support for package thumbnails





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